Into the Lion's Den

He was young, immigrant, Polish and lived in Paris...
Marian was barely sixteen, vacationing in Poland, when Hitler's troops brutally invaded the country.
Crossing war-torn Europe with his cousin he went back to France.
But in Paris, his father had already left in search for him.
Marian went back after him, but found him too late, his father had already been made prisoner by the Germans.
Through the barbed wire fence, his father urged him to go back and find his mother.
Once again, Marian crossed Europe, now under nazi rule...
Taken prisoner near Berlin, by chance he saved the life of a German girl trapped under the rubble of a bombing…
She arranged for him to leave the prison camp and he knew his first love.
She was 30 years old, he was eighteen and the Russians were already surrounding Berlin in ruins
She disappeared one night under the bombs.
He spent the rest of his life searching for her.
This true story, told by Marian Zlotek, is the story of his life.
An incredible epic, the incredible destiny of a candid teen who discovers life, love and death during the four years of the most nightmarish story of a world of horror.
But behind the flames, shouting and human folly, there always spring ...
Yet nothing, ever, should hide oblivion.